What's in it for you?


Benefits of using this cooking system:


  1. Basic, easy-to-find, budget everyday ingredients
  2. Meals cost no more than $1.50 per serve
  3. Shopping is ‘doable’ online and offline
  4. Finish shopping for a month in under 20 minutes
  5. Includes ingredients from Aldi to maximise savings
  6. Simple one-page grocery list for the month


  • Basic recipes with no more than 5-ingredients
  • Prepare 28 dinners in one day for the month
  • Easily tweak meals for the kids
  • Easy-to-follow ‘look-and-cook’ 4-step process
  • Fast, simple and easy-to-prepare meals
  • Drastically reduce time in the kitchen
  • Speed up the cooking process
  • Use up all ingredients and leftovers
  • Includes tips and hacks for the kitchen


  • Super family-friendly meals for fussy kids
  • Weight loss versions of each meal [Lite]
  • Everyday dinners mums (not celebrities) cook
  • Healthy meals but with a few fun meals thrown in
  • Easily adapt recipes for different situations
  • Meals must be complete with no side dishes left out
  • Home-cooked versions of takeaway meals for Fri nights
  • Meals taste and look ‘budget-gourmet’
  • Meals leave the family full, satisfied and happy


  • Get out of the kitchen most nights of the week
  • Lose the grind of washing up pots and pans each night
  • Gain more time for the kids and family in the evenings
  • Free up time to enjoy life and hobbies
  • Gain a sense of calm knowing dinner is sorted
  • Never ask that question – What’s for Dinner?
  • Produce $5200 in savings each year
  • The physical eBook was designed to be printed in black and white to save money on printing.
  • Also - the LITE meals are ‘Serves 1.’
  • To follow the system - cook all meals in page sequence.

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