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Welcome to the new and improved Freezer Meals Issue 1 - $1.50 Dinners STARTER. This little gem is now packed with amazing savings. But that’s not all. The budget 36 dinners are not the only magic on the menu. You’ll also get weekday breakfasts, lunches, snacks and even delicious desserts sorted. There’s a total of 439 serves included and each serve is only $0.47c. Yes, you and your family can eat well for an entire five weeks (36 days). You’ll even graduate at Penina.TV. $1.50 Dinners has transformed into a mobile-friendly multimedia online course. Enjoy a final fabulous happy ‘graduation day and meal’ on Day 36.

Oh, did I mention you can do it all for the piddly price of just $205?

WOW! I’m even shocked at the results of my recent cooking experiments, shopping discoveries and calculations. I can’t believe my original $1.50 Dinners spend now includes all these extras. I figured out that the unit cost of eating Freezer Meals over time heavily reduces one’s grocery bill further. That’s because you won’t use up, for example, the whole jar of pesto in a month. The true savings lie in adopting a completely NO FOOD WASTE ‘Good Karma Cooking’ lifestyle. I’ve done this for you. $1.50 Dinners uses up every smidgen and ingredient you’ll buy this month. I’ve introduced a ‘leftovers week.’ A final ‘leftovers’ lunches, snacks and meals list is available at Penina.TV along with other handy resources.

Here’s the best part. I’m now not only spending all my evenings on the couch - I’m enjoying morning sleep-ins as well! That’s because my kids lunches and snacks are all in the freezer. Further, my hubby is also not dashing up the shops to buy expensive sweets after dinner. Our Sticky Date Pudding is just a mouthful away. Yum!

Thank you for joining in. This is so much fun. I can assure you - there are many more ‘boot camps in better living’ in store for you.

Until then...Bon Appétit!

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