What's new in $1.50 Dinners - 'Starter' [New & Improved]

  • DESIGN: Happier, modern, more relaxing look and feel.
  • COST: Meals are cheaper than ever with 0.50c serves (with the new EXTRAS - see note below. You now get breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks all included within your $1.50 Dinner pricing.
  • INFO: Tighter delivery of batch cooking methods to save you time.
  • GROCERY LIST PAGE: There are now three different grocery list pages. You'll need to PICK THE ONE that suits your needs. The pages now also includes the FAMILY, LITE AND EXTRAS MENUS next to the grocery lists. I think this is handy while shopping. I've also changed the 'When You Get Back From Shopping List' to 'Cooking Today?' notes under each Grocery List section. This means you no longer have to manually cross check this. You can also sort your items in the trolley at the supermarket before coming home. See the notes. A SUBSTITUTES LIST has also been added to the grocery list page - for those who want to sub say 'fish' for something else that might suit better.
  • EXTRAS: Include breakfasts, lunches, snacks and desserts. The bulk cook items for SUNDAY AFTERNOON are included in the book. I'll be adding sandwiches and other recipes to PENINA.TV when time permits.
  • RECIPE PAGES: Lite meals are now listed with each recipe rather than on a separate page. I felt the flicking back and forth to the LITE page additional page was cumbersome. Due to pictures and videos (Issue 2) being added I have reduced the number of sketches. They are also extremely time-consuming for me to produce, which resulted in delays to getting the book out. I find the new images / videos (Issue 2) / course format much easier and a better explanation.
  • EXPLANATORY CONTENT: This should reduce over time now with the 'course' style delivery. You should be able to use your phone or iPad to use the book and minimise printing by using Penina.TV. As a minimum print off the monthly visual calendar and the grocery list.
  • FILE & BOOK DELIVERY: Via Penina.TV - You can now download individual pages of the book via each section here. This means that if there are any major changes to that page you need not reprint the whole book out. The updates will always be listed at each section for your convenience. You can login at any time and see a time and date stamp of that update.
  • STILL TO DO: Calories for Lite Meals
  • NEW VERSION: Yes. Version 2 is now available at Penina.TV. You'll see it listed when you login. The moment a new version is out - it will also appear in your Penina.TV dashboard.
  • COMMENT: Feel free to comment under the recipes to help me improve the book / upcoming books. Please keep your comments as positive as possible. This is a warm, fuzzy, supportive community of home cooks. I don't have a problem removing aggressive or unfriendly people from my community. I wish to keep the Good Karma Cooking - a happy experience for all. (Yes, early stages have been a test - but the creases are being ironed out quickly thanks to everyone's help.)
  • REMOVED: Single ingredient item pricing from grocery lists. The prices change too frequently and they are not accurate. Each page now only supplies the overall price for the grocery shop.


Just to note. I've now built a very comprehensive system for book cross checks and getting $1.50 Dinner versions out much quicker. There shouldn't be any further delays in the monthly delivery of upcoming versions. While this book looks simple - it is actually a logistical nightmare due to recalculations if just one small ingredient or amount changes. That's because the calculations are down to the dollar. THANK YOU for putting up with me and the book in its early stages! You've all been very kind. THANKS also to everyone who wrote in and helped with amendments. I really appreciate every note, piece of feedback and support.

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