Penina.TV Online Course


Here's why I've chosen to deliver $1.50 Dinners as BOTH a PDF Download and NOW an online course:

  • I chose 'Penina.TV' domain as it is easy for most people to remember. Plus was taken - so that was a bummer. I wanted to deliver video to $1.50 Dinners readers too.
  • Not all my courses and eBooks will be related to my Savings Room blog - so I needed to split away from this long term.
  • To deliver the $1.50 Dinners Monthly Cooking System in a fun, interactive and very user-friendly format.
  • To give you a 'room' to view your cooking in 'steps' where you can access videos, notes and images related to the book. You can comment on each cooking stage and get help from other students.
  • Think of your 'Course' at Penina.TV as a 'virtual version' of the book.
  • You can access your 'book' on any mobile device or tablet. Making this an 'On the Go' 'cookbook. This is super handy when grocery shopping. or studying cooking steps while hanging on the couch.
  • You can also always access the book itself (and any updates) as a full book or as individual pages.. These will be available over time and attached to each relevant 'step.'
  • The course is a 'mirror' version of the book to make it easy for you to use both. Soon, I'd like to provide images of ingredients I bought at the supermarket. This will be handy for you when shopping and not sure what to buy. I've been taking photos and have a library ready to upload already - especially for $1.50 Dinners Version 1.
  • I also have plans for other awesome courses related to helping readers live a better day. I will be delivering all of these via Penina..TV.
  • If you are enrolled in one course like $1.50 Dinners you'll always know what's coming up in the future. That way you'll never miss out on any news, updates and courses.
  • The videos will replace the many sketches in the first book over time. Though I love them - they're extremely time-consuming to create and I'd rather put my energy towards cooking and delivering great solutions faster. They were necessary in the first version but now the videos (in version 2) are a much quicker way for you to learn and for me to produce this book each month. I will always keep some - I do think they're very cute. I will be uploading images for Issue 1 - hopefully by the time the new and improved version releases!

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